One-to-One Budget Coaching

Welcome to Be Knot Afraid Financial Coaching!

An alarming 78% of American’s live paycheck to paycheck sites a 2017 study done by Career Builder.

For most folks, the big-ticket items such as; college for the kids, purchasing a house, going on a lifelong dream vacation, or having enough money in retirement seems like a pipe dream.  Or you’re in the middle of a storm right now – a job layoff, divorce, deteriorating health, sick child, massive student loans, or see bankruptcy as the only way out of a mountain of debt.  Or, maybe you’re engaged to be married and have no idea how your partner views money or even if you are on the same page with money.  In all of these situations, stress normally takes over and the decisions made can have negative repercussions on your financial health that can take years to remedy.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Instead, with a detailed plan and executable small steps, you can avoid creating financial knots and finally have peace around money.

My sincerest goal is to help you see that there is hope, that financial health is not just possible, but with solid plans in place you can achieve your goals for your money and your family.

Be Knot Afraid Financial Coaching meets you where you are, helps you define and set your goals and encourages you when you think it’s not possible to win. 

Financial Coaching is different from working with an accountant, a financial advisor/planner or an insurance agent. Accountants typically help people with their taxes and financial advisors/planners sell investments.  Insurance agents help you purchase an insurance policy. Be Knot Afraid Financial Coaching starts where you are, in the trenches of day-to-day living, and works with you to develop a plan for making good decisions with money.  By having a plan, with defined steps, you will be on the path to being the hero of your own story.  


“I plead with you, never, ever give up hope, 

never doubt, never tire and never become discouraged. 

Be not afraid.”

Saint John Paul II